Saturday, 10 April 2010

As Promised

So, as I promised to keep this up to date more regularly, here I am with another post! I know, but please don't fall out of your chair, I don't want to feel responsible for any injuries!
We have had Alastairs parents staying with us this week and Glenn decided to help Alastair to get a job done. Our house is lovely but the sides have no gates or fences to stop people from walking into our back garden off the street. This makes me feel a bit vulnerable when I am home alone and so we set fixing this as a priority. When Mum and Dad were out in NZ, Dad spent some time with Al, measuring up and deciding what we would need to do the job. Unfortunately we ran out of time, what with a wedding and the beach and fun stuff like that! Based on Dad's plans and measurements, Glenn headed off to the hardware store to pick up some wood and cement and got started with the post on friday. Today (Saturday), Alastair joined in to help get the job done! Bob the builder watch out!
I took some pictures to tell the story so here they are!


jrsmk1 said...

Wheyhey! Progress. Well done. JR

Gwyneth said...

Dad power eh!! Sorry we ran out of time - we were having too much fun!

Gwyneth said...

Dad power eh!! Combined forces across the world! Sorry we ran out of time we were having too much funxxx

Anne Crowter said...

A man must have a project ... ;)
Well done with this one and hope the next one is accomplished as quickly!